• Enrico Ferrari Bravo

    Enrico Ferrari Bravo

    Founding partner, is specialized in family law disputes.

  • Giovanni Anichini

    Giovanni Anichini

    Founding partner, is an expert in banking law and in matters relating to asset forfeitures. He has long worked with some of the most important firms and banks in Italy.

    • Michele Anichini

      Michele Anichini

      Is specialized in disputes involving corporate and commercial law as well as compensation for damages incurred through medical malpractice.

      His experience includes a period of study at the Faculty of Law at Leicester University where he obtained the Postgraduate Certificate in European Higher Legal Studies. Michele Anichini assists the firm’s overseas clients.

    • Luca Ferrari Bravo

      Luca Ferrari Bravo

      Having collaborated for years with a renowned firm of notaries, has obtained considerable experience in the field of real estate transactions, both commercial and residential. Luca Ferrari Bravo assists clients in the buying and selling of property and commercial activities as well as in rent issues.

    • Rita Antonia Terlizzi

      Rita Antonia Terlizzi

      Amongst her clients, an expert in administrative law, can count several local organizations and firms of primary importance. She also has experience in separation, divorce and questions relating to succession.

      • Franca Magnelli

        Franca Magnelli

        Franca Magnelli has collaborated with the firm since 1973 and is in charge of external commissions at the Court and at the Court of Appeal of Florence.

      • Cristina Coviello

        Cristina Coviello

        Cristina Coviello has collaborated with the firm since 1988, attending to our many cases of asset forfeiture on behalf of various banks. Ms. Coviello’s expertise also extends to transcriptions and registrations at the Conservatoria dei Registri Immobiliari (Land Registry).