Saura Bardi, lawyer

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Saura Bardi

After graduating in law with top marks and honours from the University of Florence, I began my professional career at the law firm of Professor Fabrizio Corbi, where I trained in criminal law for several years, actively contributing to assisting customers in different types of criminal proceedings, including corporate law, bankruptcy law, tax law, town planning and building law and others. Subsequently, my passion for legal matters led me to deepen my knowledge in other areas of law and I worked in civil and corporate litigation, also collaborating with Michele Anichini.

I was not born into the profession, but along the way I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the best legal professionals, who have passed on to me their expertise and experience. It was a genuine passion for “law”, the same that had guided me in my choice of university, which led me to more specialised areas, where I could bring together the professional skills I had developed over the years. The specialisation in wealth management thus stemmed from the desire to offer customers a service in an area that we consider to be of fundamental interest and importance for the lives of people and companies.

I therefore deepened my studies and specialisation, attending masters and professional refresher courses, and in particular two master’s courses held by Professor Stefano Loconte, in Milan and Turin on the subject of “Asset Planning and Wealth Management.” Also in Milan, I attended the 20th edition of the master’s course on “The Law of Trusts in countries of origin and in Italy” with Professor Maurizio Lupoi, considered to be Italy’s leading expert in trusts. I also attended the qualifying course for practicing the profession of Trustee at the University of San Marino, directed by Professor Maurizio Lupoi. My specialisation was also reinforced by attending the course on “Trusteeship Contracts”, chaired by Professor Maurizio Lupoi and organised by the Trust Association of Italy, of which I am a member. I regularly attend the professional training courses held by the Association, as well as its annual congress. I am also a member of the newly established Academy of Trusts of San Marino and I attended the professional refresher course for qualification to practice as a Trustee organised by the Academy for 2020.