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Succession and donations

Succession and donations

When a person dies, his or her succession is opened, i.e. all the person’s goods (but also debts) are transferred to the heirs. The heirs can be chosen directly by the deceased by means of a will or, if there is no will, by the law (legitimate succession) which specifies the various categories of successors, starting with the closest relatives (spouse and children etc.).

Unfortunately, this is an area that often involves litigation between heirs because it can bring to the fore unresolved relationships; furthermore, the succession law is complex and difficult to understand.

Studio FBA can assist clients with succession procedures. We will organize the presentation of the succession statement (compulsory within 12 months of decease) or help the heirs to decide whether or not to accept the inheritance when the amount of inherited debt cannot be ascertained. In these cases we suggest that clients accept the inheritance with the beneficial effects of an inventory so that any inherited debt does not exceed the value of the assets received through succession. The firm also provides assistance to clients in the drawing up of wills and in inheritance disputes.