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Liability insurance: medical and accident

Liability insurance: medical and accident

Studio FBA, and in particular Michele Anichini, who is highly experienced in providing legal assistance to clients for damages caused by or resulting from health procedures, is extremely attentive to episodes of medical malpractice. Such episodes bring to the fore constitutional rights, such as the ‘right to health’ (article 32 of the Constitution) and the ‘right to self-determination’ (art. 13 Const.) in the choice of therapy. These rights demand correct and complete information with regard to the operation, possible complications, feasible alternative therapy etc..


Medical liability may result from many different situations:

  • wrong and/or delayed diagnosis;
  • lack of diligence and/or caution and/or competence during the operation;
  • premature release of the patient when the clinical picture is not yet stable;
  • inadequate postoperative care;
  • infection contracted following blood transfusion;
  • postoperative infection;
  • serious hospital structural deficiencies;
  • lack of ‘informed consent’ to the operation.


The importance of this issue, along with an increased awareness among citizens of their right to health has led during recent years to an exponential increase in the number of lawsuits against doctors. Medical malpractice can no longer be tolerated and that is why it is essential to stay the course in order to obtain a fair compensation for damages incurred – for oneself and for loved ones – in the event of medical error.

At the same time, we are witnessing an increase in dubious claims.

We are convinced that only careful and objective ‘screening’ and preliminary expert advice can help patients who believe they have been damaged by health practices, either to refrain from initiating lawsuits based on unfounded claims, or instead to obtain the right compensation for damages incurred (whether extrajudicial and/or judicial).