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Asset protection

Asset protection

The ongoing economic crisis has made the subject of asset planning and protection extremely topical.

All too often the concept of asset protection has been mistakenly equated with asset diversion for the purpose of defrauding creditors.

Instead, asset protection means developing a strategy ahead of time aimed at protecting assets from possible risks that could lead to a loss of value.

There are various risks associated with assets: personal (health, disability, death, etc.), family (divorce, succession, attack by creditors), business/professional (bankruptcy, civil liability), economic (mismanagement, inflation and excessive taxation).

The protection strategies can be as follows: fiduciary heading to protect confidentiality; trustspolicies and property funds for asset segregation; insurancenon-life policieslife policies and annuities, as forms of insurancetrustsfamily agreements and company vehicles, for planning within the family or business.

Over the years we have trained and selected a team of professionals who can guide our customers in implementing the best strategies to protect their assets.